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 We build complete barns on your property within an hour from Dawson, Ga. We design and prefabricate Timber Frame and Post and Beam kits for your own back yard!

Old South Barns is a division of Dixie millworks, which was started by my father in 1980. I built barns in middle TN for 4 years before moving back home and continuing my business. We were born and raised building and farming in Dawson, GA. We are a professional father-son team that take no shortcuts, which is why a majority of our business is client referrals and return customers. 

Old South Trusses

Old south trusses are engineered and custom built for your barn, garage, or shed. Our most common sizes are 12', 16', and 24's.When you call know the size of your building and the pitch of your roof and I can have you a quote in a jiffy! (30' is our maximum)

We can deliver the trusses to your job site within 75 miles of Dawson GA.

Call for prices 229-310-1357

"The Good Life"
14x14 Kit

Timber framing is our passion! Here at old south barns, we love what we do and we take pride in old time craftsmanship.

We custom craft this kit using old growth southern pine timbers. We handle every timber from the woods to the sawmill to the shop where we saw, chisel, and fit all the parts before sending it your way. 

14x14 kit starts around $6,200

For more information and pricing


Buggy Truss kit

IMG_4315 (1).JPG

Buggy trusses are designed by us to be simple in construction, light weight making them easy to manage, and aesthetically pleasing using medium sized timbers. These trusses are screwed down to a top and side plate and they are attached to the post, as you can see in this picture. 

Kits on this model start at $2,990

(shipping not included)

This picture is here to show that you can attach our trusses to your existing building like this one.

We also sell just the trusses for those not needing a kit.

Call for more information and current pricing 229-310-1357

IMG_4314 (1).JPG

Kits available for the buggy style trusses:




If you are looking for just the trusses, we offer them in 10',12' and 16' wide, with 4-8:12 pitches


Tallassee Truss Kit

IMG_3654 (1).JPG

The Tallassee trusses are built using heavy timbers and hidden metal plates. These trusses are designed to sit on top of a 6x6 post and a thick metal plate is used to bolt the truss to the post. Each kit can be designed with extra over hang and knee braces for strength and that classic barn look!

Kits on this model start at $3,890 (shipping not included)

Tallassee Kits are available in these two popular sizes: (all kits in 6:12)

10x12 (bbq pavilions, pool house)

16x24 (carport)


These trusses are heavy and need to be handled with a skid steer, bucket tractor, or boom truck.

IMG_3658 (1).JPG

What is included in a good life kit?

     Rough cut pine post, post brackets and wedge anchors, rough cut beams-rafters-lathing-roof boards- and knee braces precut and ready to assemble, screws and lag screws, and optional metal roofing. 

     We also provide hand drawn sketches and directions on how to assemble, along with videos on YouTube, and only a phone call away!


What is included in a Buggy truss kit?

     6x6 pressure treated post, rough cut pine trusses, top and side plates, 2x4 purlins, screws and lag bolts, and optional metal roof

     We also provide hand drawn sketches and directions on how to assemble, along with videos on YouTube, and only a phone call away!

What is included in a Tallassee truss kit?

     6x6 pressure treated post, heavy rough cut pine trusses, thick plate steel with precision cnc cut holes, 1/2 galvanized bolts for trusses, 1/2x10" drill bit, screws and lag bolts, 3x6 purlins, and optional metal roof.

     We also provide hand drawn sketches and directions on how to assemble, along with videos on YouTube, and only a phone call away!

What about shipping?

     Most of our customers bring their own trailers, if you don't have a trailer or can rent one, we can help you find a hauler

I'm not a builder and need simplicity...

     The Buggy truss kit is the way to go. The trusses are lighter in weight and the span is 10' on center. Once the trusses are installed, level them and attach with your provided 2x4 purlin on the lines we have drawn already on the top of the truss itself. Plus the simple fact that I am a phone call away!

If this is raw wood, should I stain or seal it?

          Only if you want too! If you do decide to seal it, wait till your moisture of the lumber is about 10-12%... wait how do I test moisture? Go online or in person to harbor freight tools, they have a moisture tester for less than $15. (I like some good ole Thompson deck seal that's made only for wood, not wood-concrete-brick)

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